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GLMX #52: What We All Ought to be Thankful For


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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Thanks is a word we teach our children at a very early age. We teach “giving thanks” to our children, but do we apply it to our lives? Here are some things we can be thankful for this year.

We can be thankful for God’s graciousness. We can be thankful for God’s greatness. We can be thankful for God’s goodness.

+ Plus, listen to Andrae Crouch singing “My Tribute”

GLMX #51: How to Get a True Thanksgiving Blessing


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Thanksgiving blessings

Thanksgiving blessings

Many people love Thanksgiving. It’s a special time to gather with family and friends, share a delicious meal, watch parades and football, and take an afternoon nap. Thanksgiving is also the perfect time to acknowledge God’s presence in our lives and thank Him for the countless blessings He gives to us.


As you share the holiday with those around you this year, take a few moments to focus on God by sharing these thoughts, scriptures and blessings. They will enrich your time together!

GLMX #50: Why I Thank God for Jesus Christ


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Jesus ascending into Heaven

Jesus ascending into Heaven

I have a lot to be thankful for. God has truly blessed me. Again, I can say with my Dad, “God has smiled on me.” The Lord has shown me great favor and mercy down through the years, and not only me, but my entire family, and everyone living today. If you are alive, you have a lot for which to be thankful. I have the blessings of health and strength. I have the blessing of many beautiful and healthy children. I have the blessing of a beautiful wife and a son and daughter born on my birthday. I enjoy the blessings of good food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to stay. Since I first preached this devotional message, in a small church, in a little city called Apalachicola, Florida, nearly twenty years ago, I have been serving the Lord full-time, and God has taken care of me, my wife and our seven children by faith in Him. God has been good to me and it has been a joy serving Him. However, the person I thank God the most for is His Holy Son, Jesus Christ.


+ Plus, listen to the Soweto Mass Choir singing “O Happy Day”

GLMX #49: The History of Eternal Life

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In this week’s Gospel Light Minute X Broadcast, Daniel Whyte III will share with you how you can obtain eternal life.

+ Plus, listen to Travis Cottrell singing “Jesus Saves”

GLMX #46: Are You Ready to Stand Before God?

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Standing before God

Standing before God

Dear Soul, the Bible declares that one day you will die and then stand face to face with God to be judged. Hebrews 9:27 reads, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” Nothing in your entire life could be more important than being ready for that day, because it will determine whether you will spend eternity in heaven or in hell.

This judgment will be based on a person’s righteousness, which means to be absolutely perfect and without sin. The Bible says in Acts 17:31, “He hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained…” The man spoken of in this verse is Jesus Christ. This means that your righteousness must match that of Jesus Christ. Can you make it through your entire life without committing one single sin? Jesus Christ did, and He is the one that you will be compared with at your judgment.

+ Plus, listen to Andre Crouch singing “There is No One Like Jesus”

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