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GLMX #265: “Star Wars” and How You Can be Delivered from the Dark Side

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Unless you really live in a galaxy far, far away, you already know that the seventh movie in the epic Star Wars franchise was released this weekend. Ten years after the last Star Wars film was released, The Force Awakens has tapped into the tremendous popularity of the original series. According to Forbes Magazine, Star Wars is Hollywood’s “biggest and most enduring franchise” and has been ‘consistently popular for nearly 40 years.’ Continue Reading…

GLMX #264: Necessary Sacrifice and the Greatest Story Ever Told

The monks of the Order of Dumas want Bruce Wayne to die for the sins of his family. (Credit: Nicole Rivelli / FOX)

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One of the most enduring storylines in all of history is that of a hero who is willing to be sacrificed (either by dying or by losing something very valuable) in order to save others. This scenario has played out in many works of literature, film, and TV. You might recall the sacrifices of Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, Sydney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities, George Kirk in Star Trek, the lion Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia, the Jedi in Star Wars, Batman in The Dark Knight, or Steve Rogers in Captain America: the First Avenger. The list could go on.

One of the most vivid depictions of this familiar tale was portrayed in this year’s midseason finale of Fox’s Batman prequel show, Gotham. In the episode, a group of monks kidnap a young Bruce Wayne and tell him that he is “the anointed redeemer” of his family. The leader of the monks tells the future-Batman that ‘the sins of the Wayne family will be washed away in his blood.’ He believes that the sacrifice of the last surviving member of the Wayne family will wash away ‘seven generations of vice and corruption.’ Of course, in the end, Bruce Wayne is saved from certain death, but the idea that one person’s sacrifice can absolve the sins of many others is very powerful.

Why are we drawn to such stories and compelled to tell them over and over again? C.S. Lewis, who was also a well-educated anthropologist (a person who studies humanity), believed the vast multitude of stories regarding a hero who is sacrificed for the benefit of others which have come down to us throughout history are a reflection of a single, ultimate truth: that there really is a Hero who sacrificed Himself for the good of all humanity. He believed this truth was found in the story of Jesus Christ. Continue Reading…

GLMX #263: The Polluted Earth?

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This past week, over 200 world leaders gathered in Paris to discuss what some have described as the greatest threat facing the planet — global warming. Politicians, scientists, and other leaders paint the situation in dire terms. The French president compared the threat of climate change to the threat of terrorism. Scientists tell us that if the course is not reversed, sea levels will rise dramatically, coastal regions will be flooded, severe weather events will increase, and the way of life for many people will be disrupted. Pope Francis said that if something is not done about this problem, the world is “at the limits of suicide.” Continue Reading…

GLMX #261: The Need for Security

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In the wake of recent terrorist attacks and attempted terrorist attacks in Europe and other places around the world, a CNN report has stated that many European citizens are questioning their governments’ ability to keep them safe. After January’s terror attack on the offices of a satirical newspaper in Paris, many expected the continent’s security forces to do a better job of tracking down and eliminating threats to citizens’ security. However, last week’s attacks (once again in Paris) show that there is still much to be desired. In fact, one Belgian official told CNN, ‘We can hardly keep an eye on people who came back from Syria because there are more than 130 of them. You can’t expect judicial authorities or security services to keep an eye on the hundreds of people who have been radicalized and whom you might suspect will go to join ISIS.’ Continue Reading…

GLMX #260: The Tragedy of Being Unprepared to Die

People gather for a national service for the victims of the terror attack at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015.

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On Friday night in Paris, multiple simultaneous terror attacks were carried out. 129 people were killed, and over 350 were injured. It was the worst attack in France since World War II.

Those who died in the attacks were people just like you and me. They were out at the end of the week, enjoying a Friday night and looking forward to the weekend. Some were at a soccer game. Some were eating in a restaurant. Some were attending a concert. It is one of the worst tragedies the modern world has ever witnessed. So many lives ended suddenly, unexpectedly, and unnecessarily.

What is more tragic, however, is that many of those who died may have been unprepared to face what comes after death. An eternal destination awaits each of us after we leave this earth. A decision we make in this life determines where we end up. You can die just as suddenly and unexpectedly as those 129 souls who departed this earth on Friday in Paris, or you may die after living into your old age. Either way, you have an opportunity to prepare for what comes after death right now. It would be a tragedy if you did not take advantage of this chance. Continue Reading…

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