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GLMX #67: “Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Men” — What it Really Means


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Luke 2:14 reads, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Peace on earth? It doesn’t look like it. The world is full of conflict. Since the angels’ announcement we have seen an endless string of wars. The peace announced by the angels and brought by Jesus was very different than the end of war itself because fighting and war has gone on since the time of Jesus.

+ Plus, listen to Josh Groban singing “Glory to God in the Highest”

GLMX #66: What the Shepherds Heard and Did About the Birth of Jesus Christ


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While they faithfully looked after their sheep at night in the fields outside of Bethlehem, suddenly “the glory of the Lord shone round about them,” and an angel proclaimed in their ears a message of good tidings for all.

+ Plus, listen to Sanctus Real singing “Silent Night”

GLMX #65: Why Jesus Christ is the Real Reason for the Season


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Reason for the Season

Reason for the Season

Children and retailers love it. Parents spend months paying for it! Still, when it’s all said and done—and paid for!—Christmas means family, friends, gifts, and lasting memories. Ever wonder what Christmas means to God? After all, it began as the celebration of His Son’s birth. The Christ Child is more than just a convenient backdrop for holiday festivities. In fact, Jesus Christ came to earth on a mission. His birth set in motion a plan that eventually led Him to die…for all of us. The real meaning is not wrapped up in the Baby in a manger, but in what His birth, life, death, and resurrection accomplished.


+ Plus, listen to Tobymac and Jamie Grace singing “Mary’s Boy Child”

GLMX #64: Why Millions Still Celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ


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Celebrate Jesus

Celebrate Jesus

Two thousand years ago, a baby was born in a stable. The stable was in a small town that was part of a defeated nation occupied by the Romans. The nation was Israel, the town was Bethlehem, and the baby’s name was Jesus. Over two thousand years later, people all over the world still celebrate His birth… but why?

The Bible tells us that Jesus was not an ordinary baby. In fact, this baby was the God of the universe clothed in human flesh. That’s right. Jesus is actually God, in human flesh, who came to this earth because mankind had been separated from Him by their sin. Jesus became a man so that He could reunite mankind with God.

+ Plus, listen to MercyMe singing “O Holy Night”

GLMX #63: The One and Only Perfect Gift


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The perfect gift

The perfect gift

The perfect gift! You would like to receive it. You would like to give it. You read the ads; you look through the catalogs. Unfortunately, there is no perfect gift—at least not in any store.


There is only one perfect gift. It gives more happiness than any other gift. It is so deep that it endures through the worst of times. It has meaning for every age and in every situation.

The perfect gift is a personal relationship with Jesus, the only son of God.

+ Plus, listen to Jars of Clay singing “The Little Drummer Boy”

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