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GLMX #186: The Suddenness of Death

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This past week a terrible thing happened to a Malaysian Airlines flight that was supposed to land in Beijing at 6:30 am on Saturday morning — the airplane simply vanished. No signal, no distress call, no evidence of what took place. The plane simple disappeared. The flight, which was carrying 239 people from 13 different countries, stopped communicating with air traffic controllers in Malaysia and Vietnam. Although the worst is feared, no one knows for sure what happened to the plane.

The shock of this unexpected occurrence — which left dozens of family members who were waiting in Beijing for the plane’s arrival distraught, angry, and afraid — reminds us of the suddenness of life. One moment all can be going well, the next moment, tragedy strikes and our world is upended. We tend to trust technology, advancement, and progress, but a plane that simply vanishes shakes our belief in any certainty that we may have in this world. It reminds us of the Bible’s words, “What is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”

Such events cause us to soberly remember that our lives are fragile. We are not special. We are no better than the people who got on that flight — people with families, homes, dreams, aspirations, and careers. We, too, can be here one moment and gone the next. We can pass from life to eternity in an instant because of some unexpected, tragic event that is totally beyond our control. Such events remind us that we need to be ready for what comes after death — our eternal destination.

I hope and pray that all of those who boarded that ill-fated flight are in Heaven with God. We cannot know that for sure, but what we can know for sure today is whether or not you and I would go to Heaven if we happened to be killed in a sudden, shocking tragedy this week. Today, you have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour so that you can know for sure that you are going to Heaven whether you die suddenly and unexpectedly or whether you die naturally after living a long life.

MUSICAL SELECTION: Jeremy Camp singing “There Will be a Day”