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GLMX #93: Who Will You Vote For?

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Who will you vote for?

Who will you vote for?

Right now, the United States is in a presidential election season. Two men are running for the highest office in the land. Your family and friends have probably asked you ‘who will you vote for?’ Pundits want to know who you will vote for. Pollsters want to know who you will vote for. And of course, the candidates simply say, ‘vote for me.’

But right now, I want to let you know that there is an election going on that is more important than the presidency of the United States. In this election, two candidates are vying for the highest place in your heart. And yours is the only vote that matters.

One candidate promises you pleasure right now. But he doesn’t tell you that there will be pain later. This candidate will let you stay right where you are in life and let you keep on doing whatever you want to do. This smooth-talking candidate looks sharp and sounds smart. He will tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to cast your vote for him. This candidate’s name is Satan.

The other candidate tells you upfront that life will not be a bed of roses for you. But after your life, you will spend eternity in a place full of peace and harmony. This candidate will change your life and rock your world. He may not tell you everything you want to hear, but at least he will tell you the truth. This candidate’s name is Jesus Christ.

Both of these candidates want your heart. Both of these candidates want your soul. I want to encourage you to cast your vote for Jesus Christ.

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GLMX #92: Are You in the Lifeboat?

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The Titanic

The Titanic

On April 14, 1912, one of the greatest maritime disasters in history occured. Just a few days before, The Titanic — a ship that was declared to be “unsinkable” — set sail from England on its way to New York City. The Titanic was the greatest ship ever built up to that point in history. This was her maiden voyage. 2,223 people were on board for the celebratory journey. Only 710 people would survive.

On the night of April 14, 1912 a lookout cried out “Iceberg! Iceberg ahead!” But it was too late. The ship was going too fast. The partially submerged iceberg ripped into the hull of the Titanic which caused the bottom of the ship to flood with water. The sad thing about this event was that in the twelve hours preceding the crash, the Titanic had received five warnings of icebergs. The sixth warning from the lookout came too late for anyone to do anything about it.

Many people on the ship did not realize the tragic magnitude of the event. They still believed the “unsinkable” Titanic would sail on. Some people continued eating and drinking. Others retired to their beds. Some even went on deck to have snowball fights and to dance. However, reality soon set in — the reality that the ship would indeed sink and the worse reality that there were not enough lifeboats on the Titanic. The builders of the Titanic had decided not to include as many lifeboats as they were supposed to. After all, the Titanic wasn’t supposed to sink.

So many of us live our lives like the creators and passengers of the Titanic. We think that we are invincible, that our plans are waterproof, and that things will go our way. It would be alright to think this if we were perfect. But we’re not perfect. Unfortunately, we’ve all done bad things in our lives. And each of us is on a ship — a ship called Sin. Oh, yes, sailing with Sin is fun and enjoyable for a little while, but soon we will awaken to the reality that Sin is a sinking ship and that if we stay on it, we will suffer and die.

So, what’s the solution? A lifeboat, of course. Because God knew that we would need to be saved from Sin, he sent his Son Jesus Christ to be our lifeboat. The Bible says in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” 1,514 people perished in the icy waters of the Northern Atlantic because they didn’t have a lifeboat to get into. Those who had lifeboats were saved. That’s why God sent his Son — to save us from sin and the punishment of sin which the Bible says is death.

GLMX #91: The Sinking of the Unsinkable Titanic

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The Titanic

The Titanic

Today, people all around the world are commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. From visiting the ship’s birthplace in Belfast to hosting public exhibitions to walking through the Titanic Memorial Garden, many people all around the world are finding a way to remember what happened on that tragic day 100 years ago.

The Titanic was on its maiden voyage in April of 1912. The biggest, most luxurious ship you could ever imagine was built and it was ready to grace the ocean. Not only was it luxurious, but it was by far one of the largest vessels ever made. Every safety feature known at that time was on the Titanic. It was a fast vessel and to many people, it was considered to be unsinkable. In fact, one of the ship’s designers said “Not even God could sink the Titanic.” On a quiet, peaceful April morning in 1912, the luxurious ship set out from Liverpool, England headed to New York Harbor. It carried 2,223 people including some of the wealthiest people in the world. Passengers from all around the world were on board the Titanic for its maiden voyage. They enjoyed good food, fine entertainment, and many other pleasures that the ship offered. However, nearly halfway through its maiden voyage, the ship hit an iceberg and immediately started to sink. As the crew raced to get people into lifeboats, they were only able to get 710 people off the ship. Within two and a half hours, the entire ship was under water, everybody else on board drowned. This day started out like any other day, but when the Titanic sank, it resulted in the deaths of 1,514 people. This sinking of the Titanic is considered one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history.

Dear friend, the people on the Titanic did not know that the Titanic would sink on that day. They were simply going about their business, enjoying their family and friends and the fine pleasures that the Titanic offered. The sinking of the Titanic shows us clearly the uncertainty of life and why we all must be ready to meet Jesus Christ at anytime. Jesus tells a parable in the book of Luke of a rich man who has many possessions and he says to his soul, “Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.” Luke 12:20 states, “But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?” When the crew members of the Titanic realized they had hit an iceberg, they immediately began sending out warnings to the passengers. Those who took heed to the warnings were saved. Those who ignored the warnings were not saved. Dear friend, you may feel like your life is sinking in sin, but you can be saved if you heed the warning and the call of Christ. Right now, Jesus Christ is inviting you to believe on Him today, to respond to His call, to let Him into your heart and to allow Him to save you from sin and hell. Do you know Jesus Christ for yourself today. If not, allow me to show you how.

GLMX #90: You Can Find the Bodies of Mohammed, Buddha, and Confucius, But You Cannot Find the Body of Jesus Christ

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One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Matthew 28:6, “He [Jesus] is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.”

One of the most famous Buddhist temples in the world is the Shwe Dagon. It stands on a hill over 200 feet high and rises some 200 feet higher. It is covered with a pure gold leaf. Around its base are hundreds of small pagodas, in each of which is some relic of a teacher of Buddhism. Embedded in the solid masonry of the base is a gold box which contains some finger-bones, teeth, and other parts of Buddha, who lived many centuries ago.

There is another burial place in Arabia, the green mosque of Medina, under which lies the body of Mohammed. Millions of people today are his earnest followers. But, despite his greatness, he, too, is dead, and like Buddha, he lies buried here on earth.

The burial place of Confucius is a grass covered mound in the province of Shantung, China. Confucius was also a great man and teacher, and he influenced the lives of millions of human beings. Nevertheless, he is dead and his body, too, is here on earth.

There is another tomb that was cut into a rock. A tomb which had been closed with a great stone. Today, the stone is “rolled away”, and the Man whose body had been laid within by sorrowing friends is gone.

The world shattering truth being that on the third day, “He [Jesus] ROSE from the dead!”

Yes, indeed, the tomb of Christ is an empty tomb. That’s the vital difference between Jesus of Nazareth and any and all other great religious leaders who ever walked the earth.

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GLMX #89: Jesus Lived! Jesus Died! Jesus Lives!

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Three short sentences — JESUS LIVED! JESUS DIED! JESUS LIVES!

These three short sentences are utterly amazing; they are hard to believe; they changed the world; and they can change your life!

+ Plus, listen to Steve Ivey singing “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”